Teens survive night in Maine woods after getting lost on snowmobile – Watch

Updated: February 18, 2015
Teens survive night in Maine woods after getting lost on snowmobile - Watch

Lost teens survive night of sub-zero temperatures in Maine woods, The 15-year-olds, Ty Howard-Gotto and Jonah May, set out from the town of Mexico on a snowmobile for a ride from Howard-Gotto’s mother’s house to his grandfather’s.

But along they went they got off track and got stuck.

Howard-Gotto is from Maine and knows the area. He has only been living in Rhode Island a few months. He and May, a friend from North Smithfield, are in Maine to visit Howard-Gotto’s family.

When they got stuck, Ty said he tried to start a fire. “I had a bag of clothes on me and I was trying to get a fire started so I took a rag and my t shirt and stuck it down the gas tank tried to get some brush and I tried to start a fire, didn’t work too good.”

So they started walking.

“Got to keep moving. We sat down for 5, 10 minutes, we started feeling our toes going numb so we started moving around and started warming up a little bit,” Ty told reporters.

May said, “I was a little scared. Started thinking about my mom and stuff, but Ty kept me in line and told me we gotta make a fire and push through this.”

They found a shed with a utility cart inside. “So we took some gas and kicked down a sign and started a fire up and we spent the night in the go kart,” Ty said.

Meanwhile, authorities launched a search early in the morning.

In the morning, the boys started walking again and were picked up along a roadway, to the relief of family members.

Ty’s mother, Tracy Howard, said, “Thank god he found that hut, you know, a place to survive in…I’m quite impressed with those two kids.”

Other than being hungry, they were in good shape.