Teen suspended for dyeing hair bright red

Updated: March 16, 2015
Teen suspended for dyeing hair bright red

A teen sent home from school for dying hair bright red? The West St. Francois School District says the high school junior’s hair color is “distracting,” but the student and her mom say it’s natural.

“If it was purple or blue or pink, I’d see where they’d have a problem but it’s just red, auburn,” said Savannah Keesee, a junior at West County High School.

Keessee said the color on the box was “auburn” and she had no idea it would create such a fuss at school on Monday.

“[My principal] went up to me in the lunch line and pulled me to the side and said ‘your hair’s too bright, you have to call your mom and have her come get you,’” Keesee said.

This isn’t the first time the high school junior has dyed her hair, but it is the first time she’s gotten in trouble. She’s been told she cannot return until she dyes her hair back.

Superintendent Stacy Stevens said he could not comment on a specific situation regarding a student but directed me to the student hand book’s dress/grooming policy which states: “Only natural hair colors are permitted. Non-natural hair colors will not be permitted. (Ex. – green, purple, blue, etc.).”

“I just don’t think it’s right to have someone get in trouble for expressing themselves,” Keesee said. “I don’t want to cause any problems, I just want to go back to school.”

So why not just dye it back? She replied that she felt her new look was within the realm of natural color and she likes it.

Now she and her mom plan to appeal the principal and superintendent’s decision and take it before the school board.