Teen kicked off flight for shocking reason

Teen kicked off flight for shocking reason

Autistic Teen kicked off flight because United airlines pilot didn’t ‘feel comfortable’.

Dr Donna Beegle, her husband, and their son and daughter, were heading back to Oregon after a few days at Disney World in Orlando.

Beegle said her daughter, Juliette, 15, has high-functioning autism and was on the brink of a meltdown on the plane because she did not want the food they had packed or what was available in economy class.

Donna politely asked the flight attendant if she could purchase a hot meal from first class to calm her daughter down, explaining that she might ‘scratch someone’ if not, reports the Inquisitr.

The meal was brought out to the family, and Juliette calmed down afterwards, and quietly began watching a movie.

However, the pilot had already decided to make an emergency landing in Utah and the family were unceremoniously removed from the flight by police.

According to the Daily Mail, Donna was told: ‘Well, the captain doesn’t feel comfortable flying to Portland with your daughter on the plane.”

A fellow passenger caught the incident on camera, and says it is clear the family were not “combative” adding that he could see a potential “lawsuit” in the making.

Indeed, Donna is filing a lawsuit and said the incident was an example of a “fear of autism”.