Teen Can Lick Her Eyeball With Her Tongue – Watch

Updated: May 13, 2015
Teen Can Lick Her Eyeball With Her Tongue - Watch

Teen with elongated tongue can lick eyeball, elbow.

A Michigan teen who can lick her eyeball with her 4-inch-long tongue may get a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Adrianne Lewis, 18, of Muskegon, is gaining fame on her YouTube channel showing her dexterity with her tongue, which is longer than that of the current Guinness record holder, Barcroft TV reports.

The teen’s elongated tongue also reaches her nose, chin and elbow.

For the record, she doesn’t particularly like licking her eyeball. “I don’t like that trick,” she says on the video. “It’s like you’re licking your dog, if your dog had short hair. It’s so weird.”

Lewis thinks her super-sized tongue is a matter of genetics. Several members of her family have a long tongue.

Predictably, not all the comments Lewis receives are positive.

“It’s the Internet, so there are a lot of weird people there,” said Lewis’ boyfriend, Tim Hegedus. “I have seen some comments that made me uncomfortable.”

He hopes people will “just appreciate the person who is attached to the tongue.”

On her YouTube channel, Lewis moderates comments, and regularly reminds viewers to keep the comments clean. We’ll be moderating, too.

Watch the Barcroft TV video below.