Teacher Implant Photos : ‘Melissa Kidd’ Reportedly Showed Photos Of Her Boob Job To Students

Teachers Implant Photos : Melissa Kidd Reportedly Showed Photos Of Her Boob Job To Students

Teacher Showed Students Photos of Her Breast Implants?.

A teacher has been arrested after it was alleged that she showed before and after boob job photos to three of her teenage students.

Melissa Kidd, 34, hasn’t been charged or arrested, but three underage students at Woodside High School say she showed them photos that were on her iPhone of her chest before breast augmentation surgery and then after — and a fourth student claims she then showed off a photo of her genitals.

Police obtained a search warrant for Kidd’s phone and performed an initial data extract from her cell, but wouldn’t disclose what they found. They reportedly want to go through it again to look at deleted content.

In the meantime, Kidd was placed on unpaid leave and then eventually resigned in April — because what else can you do? Even if you’re innocent, is it worth going to work every day and knowing there are students and parents who believe you showed your breasts and body to kids?

It seems like we’re hearing more and more stories about teachers and students who cross lines because, perhaps, the line between authoritative figure and teen has been blurred.

With that said, if this story is true, there is no excuse for this woman showing such poor judgment when it comes to topics that are safe to discuss with students — and photos that are or are not okay to share. Students and teacher are not friends — at least not while one is underage and the other is still being paid to provide guidance and direction.