Teacher of year fired over dirty diaper – Details

Teacher of year fired over dirty diaper - Details

A teacher of the year award winner in St. Louis, Missouri, is being fired over a dirty diaper, Fox News reports, to the chagrin of parents of children in her classroom.

Kelly Hahn did not remove the diaper, but immediately contacted the child’s parent to inform her of the situation.

However, another staff member had contacted the Missouri Department of Family Services.

As a result, Hahn was fired from her job on charges of child neglect and endangerment. She had won her “Teacher of the Year” honor only a fortnight before.

Fox News reports:

Parents told Fox2Now that their kids have come home from school crying, wondering what happened to their favorite teacher. Some even thought she had cancer.

“It’s pretty crazy to think that a pull-up would be considered neglect,” parent Nancy Durante told the station. “She deserves to be in the classroom teaching our children, not fighting for her job.”

Dana Evans, the president of the magnet school’s Parent Teachers Organization, spoke to KMOV-TV about Hahn.

“How can something so ludicrous, so crazy having to do with the best teacher in our school district, getting sent out and possibly getting fired over a pull-up issue,” Evans said.

The mother of the boy who wore the pull-up to school has defended Hahn.

“Regardless of the policy, what happened is so minor that it couldn’t possibly warrant incriminating a fabulous teacher,” Cynthia West told Fox2Now.

Hahn has a hearing scheduled for March 4.