Taylor Lewan fined for taunting Josh Norman – (News)

Taylor Lewan fined for taunting Josh Norman –

After last week’s Tennessee-Washington game, Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan mocked Josh Norman, leading to a scuffle between the two. Lewan has heard from the league about it.

The NFL fined Lewan $10,000, according to Paul Kuharsky.

Lewan told reporters on Friday that the fine is not important, but he did want to stand up for teammate Derrick Henry, who according to Lewan was on the receiving end of a cheap shot from Norman. Lewan said if Norman has a problem with him, he doesn’t particularly care.

“Was it disrespectful? Yes. Was it meant to be disrespectful? Yes. If he’s got a problem with that, man I ain’t worried. Wolves don’t care about the opinions of sheep,” Lewan said.

This is the second time this month Lewan has been fined for his actions after a game. He was previously fined $26,739 for profane comments about the officiating after the Titans’ game against the Jets.