Tara Reid Too Thin : Actress Posts Worrying Bikini Pic Snap Over Thanksgiving

Updated: November 29, 2014
Tara Reid Too Thin : Actress Posts Worrying Bikini Pic Snap Over Thanksgiving

Tara Reid Too Thin? Over the years, American Pie actress Tara Reid has garnered tons of attention for all the wrong reasons — namely, because of her plastic surgery, extreme weight loss, and reported hard partying ways.

Tara Reid posted the Instagram photo on Thursday alongside the caption: “Visiting my parents house in Palm Springs for thanksgiving before the turkey.” But some followers quickly slammed Reid’s shockingly skinny frame. One user called the photo “gross,” while another said her body looked “weird.” And Tara Reid looked equally thin in a second picture that showed her shadow in the blue water.

Tara Reid has struggled with her weight in the past, fluctuating from curvy to scary skinny and then back again. Some sources even claimed she had an eating disorder.

“Tara is a mess,” a source said of Reid in December 2013. “She’s painfully skinny, but her weight fluctuates — she lives a party lifestyle, then crash diets before holidays. She survives on one meal a day and drinks gallons of Diet Coke and sparkling water, claiming it keeps her hunger at bay and that the bubbles fill her up. But then on some days she’ll wolf down pizza or ice cream.”

Tara Reid, for her part, has denied the eating disorder rumors. She also maintains that she is perfectly happy with how she looks.

Tara Reid Too Thin? “It’s ridiculous,” Tara said this summer of the accusations she is too thin. “I’m fine with my body. I don’t think it looks bad at all. People try to find something negative, but I’m totally comfortable in my own skin. That’s my genetics, it’s how I’m made. I don’t care. What am I supposed to do? They’re always going to find something wrong with me.”