Tammy Baldwin : Senator doesn’t see need for Ebola travel restrictions

Updated: November 5, 2014
Tammy Baldwin : Senator doesn't see need for Ebola travel restrictions

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin says Congress needs to debate a policy towards ISIS. “I certainly believe that there is a role that the Congress of the United States should have already played, but we still have opportunities to have a full debate on what the nature of that engagement will be,” the Wisconsin Democrat said in Madison Monday.

Baldwin said the Obama administration is relying on a pair of resolutions on use of force that were passed by Congress more than a decade ago – which are “ill-suited” to the current problems in Iraq and Syria. “I do believe that there’s a role for debate, and have concerns that if we don’t have that, this could end up being an open-ended military engagement. Baldwin said “Iraq has to be able to stand up and fight for itself” and if it can’t, no international coalition will be able to do that for the Iraqis.

Baldwin also doesn’t see the need to ban travel to West Africa in response to the Ebola epidemic there. “I agree with the scientific community that says that it would be unwise, in terms of our ability to contain the epidemic in the three west African countries where it originated,” Baldwin said.

Wisconsin Republicans, Senator Ron Johnson and Representative Reid Ribble, where among the politicians who voiced support for such a ban.

“The measures that have been taken to increase screening at entry points in the United States where we receive passengers that might have been in west Africa are the right way to go,” said Baldwin.