‘SWAT cat’: Boston police team’s mascot returns home “Picture”

Updated: January 17, 2016
'SWAT cat': Boston police team's mascot returns home - Picture

The Boston Police Department reports that their adoptee, affectionately nicknamed “SWAT Cat,” has returned to her home with the Special Weapons and Tactics team after nearly two months away.

The team is reportedly estatic with her return.

“The team is very excited, very happy that she’s OK,”Rachel McGuire, a spokeswoman for the Boston Police Department explained to NBC. “You never know what could happen in the city so the fact she returned safely is wonderful.”

Aside from looking a little thin, SWAT Cat seems to be unharmed and in good health.

It wasn’t immediately clear how the cat was reunited with the police.

SWAT Cat “joined the BPD in 2013 when she began prowling around the Boston Police Special Weapons and Tactics base, rolling over for belly rubs from the officers, and showing up for chow time with the unit,” BPD stated when she first went missing.

Congrats, BPD!

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