Surgeon general: ‘Step It Up’ encourages communities to walk more

Surgeon general: 'Step It Up' encourages communities to walk more
Surgeon general: 'Step It Up' encourages communities to walk more

When was the last time you went for a brisk walk after lunch or dinner? The U.S. Surgeon General would like to see you lace up your sneakers and try.

The call to action called Step it Up launches a major national initiative to increase walking and running across the population. USC’s School of Public Health has been involved with the Surgeon General in the development of this initiative.

They say Americans walk much less than they should, and to get more people out and about, there needs to be changes made in the places in which we live.

“That’s exactly what the Surgeon General’s call to action recommends–that we all in a sense ‘audit’ our communities and then make the changes in our communities that will make walking more attractive, more accessible, safer, so that we’ll all do more of it,” said Dr. Russell Pate with the USC Arnold School of Public Health.

The City of Columbia also issued a statement in support of the call to action, saying it’s good for the health of residents, and it’s also positive for the economy.

“Having people out and about on the streets walking and cycling really makes for a vibrant city center. It’s great for economic development. The more pedestrian traffic you have, the more customers you have, and the more people that are out, the more people want to come out,” said Lucinda Statler, Urban Design Planner for the City of Columbia.