Subway suspends relationship with Jared Fogle following police raid ‘Watch’

Subway suspends relationship with Jared Fogle following police raid - Watch

Subway Suspends Relationship With Spokesman Jared Fogle Amid FBI Investigation.

Federal authorities raided Fogle’s Zionsville, Indiana, home Tuesday morning. The Associated Press first reported Fogle and Subway’s suspended relationship.

Fox59 broke the news of the raid and reported:

“FBI sources told FOX59 state and federal and state investigators were serving warrants at Fogle’s home in connection with a child-pornography investigation.”

The director of Fogle’s charitable foundation, the Jared Foundation, was arrested in May on federal child-pornography charges.

The foundation cut ties with the director, Russell Taylor, after his arrest.

Subway released a statement late Tuesday afternoon, saying that the company and Fogle “mutually agreed to suspend their relationship”:

Fogle first rose to fame as Subway’s spokesman 15 years ago, after losing more than 200 pounds by eating their sandwiches. He has a net worth of $15 million, according to the New York Daily News.

Subway’s decision to suspend its relationship with Fogle marks an end to the chain’s most lucrative endorsement deal.

The company’s chief marketing officer told the Daily News that Fogle is likely responsible for one-third to one-half of Subway’s growth in the past 15 years.

Federal authorities seized electronics, paper documents, and other items from Fogle’s home Tuesday.

He was photographed by The Indianapolis Star leaving an evidence truck during the hours-long investigation on Tuesday.

He later left his home in a black Lexus with his lawyer, Ron Elberger, according to the Star’s report.

“Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges, and looks forward to its conclusion,” Elberger said in a statement.

The FBI’s Indianapolis division confirmed the investigation to Business Insider but would not disclose the reason for the raid.

Subway said in a statement that the raid could be related to an investigation of an ex-employee of the Jared Foundation, which Fogle started to help children develop better eating and exercise habits.

“We are shocked about the news and believe it is related to a prior investigation of a former Jared Foundation employee,” the company said. “We are very concerned and will be monitoring the situation closely. We don’t have any more details at this point.”

Taylor, the former executive director of Fogle Foundation, was arrested two months ago in Indianapolis on federal child-pornography charges following an April 29 FBI raid of his home.

More than 400 videos of child pornography were found in his possession, according to court documents reviewed by the Star.

Taylor was charged with seven counts of production of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography, according to the Star. He reportedly attempted suicide in jail shortly after his arrest and was placed on life support.

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