Stunt Plane Crash: Pilot dies while practising for this weekend’s show ‘Watch’

Stunt Plane Crash : Pilot dies while practising for this weekend's show

Police said a stunt plane crashed on Friday while practicing tricks for a weekend air show in New York, killing the pilot.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the plane was an experimental aircraft owned by stunt pilot Andrew Wright, of Austin.

Word quickly got around Georgetown Municipal Airport that Andrew Wright was gone.

Kathleen Kirkpatrick is flight a instructor. “Disbelief … I got a text message from a friend who was also a CFI [certified flight instructor] here, she’s in the air show saying Andrew Wright died in a plane crash,” she said. “You don’t want to believe it. He was young, well liked.”

Wright made his reputation as a great acrobatics pilot. He was featured on the poster for the Central Texas Air Show in May. You can see him in the upper left hand corner, smiling in his experimental plane. “Andrew was a good guy,” Kirkpatrick said. She says Wright flew out of Georgetown Municipal Airport almost every day.

Friday, though, the skies took a deadly turn as Wright was practicing for an air show in New York. Kirkpatrick saw pictures of the crash. “The tail is separating from the aircraft and then it’s completely off,” she said. “I don’t believe it was pilot error, it’s just the plane failed him,” she added.

New York state police say the cause of the crash does appear to be structural failure. Wright had a busy schedule of air shows ahead. His next scheduled appearance in Texas was a San Antonio air show at the end of October.