“Stuff happen” (he didn’t say stuff) – (News)

“Stuff happen” (he didn’t say stuff) –

After Carolina’s 52-21 debacle in Pittsburgh, Panthers coach Ron Rivera did his best to put the loss in perspective.

“At the end of the day guys, this sh-t happens,” Rivera said. “If you continue to dwell on it and worry about it, it’s gonna creep in.”

He’s right. In winning or losing a game like this, the worst thing a team can do is let it linger. Whether by 31 or one, a loss is a loss and the Panthers now have to get ready to face the Lions with a chance to move to 7-3.

The same mindset applies to the Steelers, who can’t afford to get caught up in thinking that they are a team that will start scoring 50 points in every game.

The truth about these two teams remains somewhere in the middle. And there’s a chance they’ll get a chance to get together again to cap the season.