Stop scaring your cats with cucumbers – Animal experts

Stop scaring your cats with cucumbers - Animal experts

Stop scaring cats with cucumbers because you might pay big vet bill.

A mass of YouTube videos depicting owners scaring their precious kitties with unsuspecting cucumbers has been creating a tidal wave of LOLs across the Internet.

Many involve the cat eating, only to discover one of these hideous green monsters lurking behind them like a machete-wielding Jason or Leatherface the entire time. What is it about these cylindrical veggies that is so inherently damaging to a cat’s psyche? We may never know.

Regardless, you should STOP DOING THAT, PEOPLE. According to a new article from National Geographic, animal experts warn that scaring your cat with cucumbers is not good for your cat.

“If you cause stress to an animal that’s probably not a good thing,” says Jill Goldman, a certified animal behaviorist in southern California. “If you do it for laughs it makes me question your humanity.”

Counterpoint, it’s hilarious? Also, your cat would probably kill and eat you if it could, so maybe it’s okay to have a little bit of fun at their expense?

Goldman explains that the cucumbers are triggering the cats’ natural startle responses, since they “would not normally see cucumbers on the floor.”

“With a startle response, a cat will often try to get out of there as quickly as possible and then reassess from a distance,” says Goldman.

Okay, fine. Stop scaring your cats with cucumbers, people.

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