Steve-O: ‘Jackass Star’ says he Got 30 Days in Jail For Dangerous Protest Stunt

Updated: October 8, 2015
Steve-O: Jackass Star says he Got 30 Days in Jail For Dangerous Protest Stunt

Steve-O is set to be jailed for 30 days for scaling a 100ft construction crane in Hollywood and setting off fireworks in a protest against the marine mammal park, Sea World.

The stunt on 9 August drew some 80 firefighters to the foot of the crane in the heart of Hollywood, where an air cushion was prepared on the street as an emergency helicopter hovered overhead.

As he scaled the crane, the 41-year-old daredevil, real name Stephen Glover, carried an inflatable orca and wore a t-shirt advertising the documentary Blackfish, which criticised SeaWorld for keeping the animals in captivity and forcing them to perform in public shows.

Mr Glover pleaded no contest to trespassing and using fireworks, and will surrender himself to authorities on 9 December. He was also ordered to stay out of the Hollywood Entertainment District and will not be allowed to own fireworks in future.

The prankster announced his sentence on Instagram earlier today, saying: “Considering I’ve become a clean and sober, dog-rescuing vegan, I must say I’m ready to go to jail – not just because it will bring so much attention to the plight of orcas in captivity, but because it’s nice to let people know I haven’t lost my edge. What can I say, I’m a jackass.”