Stephen Brumby: Teen died after accidentally being shot by father

Stephen Brumby: Teen died after accidentally being shot by father
Stephen Brumby: Teen died after accidentally being shot by father

Stephen Brumby, Boy fatally shot by dad at gun range in ‘a tragic accident’.

Investigators say around 3:15 p.m. 64-year-old William Brumby was in the last shooting lane with a wall to his right at the High Noon Gun Range at 4583 Bee Ridge Road.

William Brumby’s 24-year-old son David and his 12-year-old daughter were also there and saw what happened. They were not hurt.

David says, “My dad was firing a .22 – just a little semi-automatic pistol. What happened was the ejected casing — which is super hot — bounced off the wall and ricocheted down my dad’s shirt. Because it was super hot the knee jerk reaction was to try to brush it off and he pulled the gun hand up and tried to brush it off him and the gun went off into the ceiling and ricocheted into my little brother Stephen.”

Stephen died at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

David says, “He wanted to take us to the shooting range to spend time with us but also teach us how to be a man; how to protect the family when it needed to be protected. It was just a complete freak accident. I cried so much yesterday that my eyes were stinging.”

He says his brother loved playing the Ukele. From a Christian family with seven kids, Stephen also played piano for the worship band at their church and like most boys, he loved the great outdoors. David adds, “He loved fishing. I know right now he’s probably catching fish, a whole bunch of fish with Jesus.”

Meanwhile, High Noon Gun Range was open for business Monday but co-owner John Buchan was visibly upset over the accident. He says the Brumby family are more like family than customers. He adds, “The worst possible thing that could possibly happen, happened. All of our thoughts and prayers are with the family. There are things that affect you. This did.”

Buchan says William was always trying to improve his shooting ability, teach the kids the right way, and implement all the safety features. He was a good guy — teaching his kids the right way.”

The Sheriff’s Office said no charges are being filed against William Brumby.