Stephanie Taubin: Red Sox fan sues ‘John Henry’ over foul ball injury at Fenway Park

Stephanie Taubin : Red Sox fan sues John Henry over foul ball injury at Fenway Park

Stephanie Taubin was hit by a foul ball while attending Fenway park, and now she is suing Red Sox principal owner John Henry for damages.

She sustained facial fractures and neurological damage when the ball struck her in a section of the home stand which was normally protected by glass.

The glass had been removed by officials for renovations, the Associated Press reported.

She subsequently suffered medical expenses, lost wages, and diminished earning capacity, the Boston Globe reported.

A lawsuit was filed against Boston Red Sox owner John Henry at Suffolk Superior Court this week.

A spokesman for the Red Sox said it was “unaware of the specifics [of the lawsuit] and generally does not comment on pending legal matters.”

He added: “But the safety of Red Sox fans and providing a quality ballpark experience are essential to the Red Sox, and to Mr. Henry, and are goals for which we strive as an organization to deliver.”

The lawsuit follows an incident in June this year which saw a female fan critically injured by a piece of broken bat that flew into the stands during a game.

Another female fan was injured by a stray ball as the Red Sox played the New York Yankees on July 10.