Stamos, Amy Poehler – Video : Actor Opens Up About His Romance With Amy Poehler

Updated: December 3, 2014
Stamos, Amy Poehler - Video : Actor Opens Up About His Romance With Amy Poehler

Stamos confirms date with Amy Poehler, The ‘Full House’ star told ‘Extra’ that he considered his night out with the TV actress several years ago a date, not a platonic outing. The single actor also shared his thoughts on former Hollywood bachelor George Clooney tying the knot.

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When is a date not a date? Ask John Stamos and Amy Poehler.

The hunky actor has set the record straight on his dinner with the Parks And Recreation star after she split from husband Will Arnett in 2012.

‘I asked her out on a date…and we had a really nice time,’ the 51-year-old said in an interview with Extra. ‘Then I hear she thought it wasn’t a date. It was a date in my eyes.’

Adding that they are ‘really good friends,’ he said, ‘I guess she didn’t know it was a date.’

John’s explanation came after Amy told shock jock Howard Stern in October that the couple had worked on They Came Together.

‘A bunch of us hung out,’ she said, ‘and then later on he’s like, “Let’s go get dinner.”

‘I was like, “Oh, maybe this is a date!” But I didn’t know,’ the 43-year-old said. ‘But I kinda blew it.’

John also revealed he ‘wasn’t sure’ whether his pal George Clooney, who married human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in September, would ever get hitched.

‘He always liked being a bachelor… I guess there’s only a few of us on the chopping block now.’

Talking about what he has coming up, the Full House star shared: ‘I have a pilot at Fox that’s the Untitled John Stamos Show. We have to have a better title for that.’

The actor joked: ‘I play a George Clooney type before he abandoned everything he stood for, like a single dude.

‘I’m friends with him…I admire him. I think he’s certainly paved a great way for all of us.’