Spring Valley High School Video: Officer Throws Female High School Student Across Classroom

Spring Valley High School video: Officer Throws Female High School Student Across Classroom

Spring Valley High School Student Flung By School Officer On Video.

In the graphic video the Spring Valley High School resource officer, who has been identified as Ben Fields, is seen approaching the female student who was sitting in her seat. He then places his arms around her neck. After a struggle, the desk, with the female student still sitting inside it, falls to the ground. Fields then drags the student out of the seat and to the front of the classroom.

A Spring Valley High student named Aaron Johnson who claims to have been in the class at the time of the incident, messaged Gawker via Twitter direct message.

The girl was asked by the teacher Mr. Long to leave the classroom and go to the discipline office, she ignored him, then an administrator came in and asked her if he needed to get the resource officer. She ignored him and then the officer came in. He asked if she was gonna go or if he had to make her go. Then he grabbed her and pulled her out of her desk and she fell on the ground with the desk still on her. He then threw her across the room and then got on top of her. Another student tried to stand up for her, which also led to her arrest.

Journalist Shaun King posted the video to his Facebook page, which has been shared more than 100,000 times since being posted.

According to a local news report, which has confirmed the video’s authenticity with the school, officer Fields responded to a student who was asked to leave by the teacher and refused to do so.

School officials confirm the incident happened on Monday, but stopped short of releasing further details.

According to Sheriff Leon Lott, the school resource officer was acting in response to a student who was refusing to leave class.

“The student was told she was under arrest for disturbing school and given instructions which she again refused,” Lott said. “The video then shows the student resisting and being arrested by the SRO.”

  • cros99

    The “peacful student” somehow warrented the teacher and then the priciple to instruct her to leave the classroom. She then continued her resistance to the point where the police had to be called. After failing to obey the officers lawful order to leave, then….(Start filming) she is forcefully removed. Jumpng in, we then have the “educated” amongst us crying, “police brutality”..the “poor student”. Use your common sense and see the obvious and not what you only wish to see.

    • DontBeAfraidPeaceIsArising

      The fact that you can meaningfully say this makes me question what is wrong with America. Was the girl at fault? Yes, what she did was stubborn and disresponsible. However, if you truly think she deserved to be dragged around the room, well, you really need to rethink your life choices. So please, for the love of human intelligence, stop.