Splashing The FA Cup cash

Sporting Khalsa are vying for more than just FA Cup glory this weekend – as victory will net them all a new £15 kit bag.

Ian Rowe’s side will host West Midlands League rivals Pegasus Juniors on Saturday as The Football Association’s premier tournament kicks-off for non-League clubs.

But while the professional clubs will expect to still be in the competition come the New Year, Rowe says there is magic in winning just one game for sides at the bottom of football’s pyramid.

Sporting Khalsa v Pegasus Juniors

The FA Cup
Extra Preliminary Round
3pm, Saturday 16 August 2014
Aspray Arena, Willenhall, West Midlands

And the manager has explained how his side are also playing for a unique win bonus.

“At the level we are at, it would be silly [to set a target]. Spirits will be good in the camp ahead of Saturday’s Cup game,” Rowe told TheFA.com.

“If we are fortunate enough to get through, the players know that the club have promised them all some new bags. These bags are £15 each, so they will all get themselves a little bonus of a club bag.

“That’s the joys of The FA Cup at grassroots level. The pros are fortunate enough to get to the quarter finals, Semi-Final and Final – we are just looking to win one game so I can splash the cash and buy the lads a £15 bag each.”

Rowe has only been at the club a matter of weeks, and even dropped down a division to take charge at the Asprey Arena, but feels everything is in place for Khalsa to meet the heights they desire, and hopes The FA Cup can prove to be the catalyst of a successful time at the helm.

“One of the reasons I left the side I was at prior is just the scope of this club,” he said.

“In terms of the infrastructure that is in place, and everything to go forward, the potential of the club is absolutely massive. It’s got the category D grading already, it’s my job to get the club to where they want to be.

“We don’t look too far ahead, but focus only on the next game. The FA Cup is magical and everything that English football is about.

“It is not only about the playing part, but also helps from a financial point of view and to get your club on the map. If we are fortunate to win a few games then we can take the side to some really good places against decent level 3, level 4 sides.”