‘Spider-Man’: Andrew Garfield Out? Sony Hack Reveals Actor Will No Longer Be Tapped for ‘Spider-Man’

Updated: December 14, 2014
'Spider-Man': Andrew Garfield Out? Sony Hack Reveals Actor Will No Longer Be Tapped for 'Spider-Man'

‘Spider-Man’: Andrew Garfield Out? With everything that’s going on over at Sony since their major hack and information leak, things seem pretty up-in-the-air at the moment for the studio. Unfortunately, there’s one fan favorite comic book figure that’s getting caught in the middle. Yup, you guessed it: Spider-Man.

Latino Review has word that a deal could still be reached depending on the outcome of the “Spidey Summit” that we learned is going to happen in January to discuss the uncertain future of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. And it happens, Marvel will ignore the reboot and leave Andrew Garfield out too.

The deal that was in talks before it fell apart had Sony and Marvel splitting the benefits of the rights to Spider-Man 60/40, with Sony taking care of distribution if a new series of films were to move forward. Part of the hang up seems to be with creative control though, because Marvel isn’t willing to give that up, and they don’t intend on honoring or even acknowledging the storyline that has been crafted with the franchise directed by Marc Webb. Part of that stems from the fact that Marvel is not a fan of the rumored Aunt May solo film (which the source maintains was a real idea) and a female centric Spider-Man universe film.

But the good news is that if Marvel takes back Spider-Man, they won’t do the origin story all over again, because after two franchises, pretty much everyone gets it now. They also wouldn’t make any romance Peter Parker may have a major focus, since that’s been played out too. Instead, a new franchise would focus on the struggle Parker has as a teenage superhero, with romance as nothing more than a side-story. However, it’s a bummer that this plan means they have to cut Andrew Garfield out of the process, because he’s been wanting to team up with The Avengers for awhile, and he’s one of the best parts of the reboot franchise.

In addition, Latino Review points out that there’s still a chance that a deal could be reached to get Spider-Man to appear in Captain America: Civil War. However, if he does, it sounds like he may not have as big of a part as he does in the comic book storyline. Supposedly, Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) will fill the part filled by Spider-Man in the Civil War comics, but the wall crawler could easily be worked into the story somehow. It’s not something you should count on, since Sony is desperate to hold on to Spider-Man, but they have no idea what they’re doing with the character. Anyway, stay tuned for more.

And while Marvel was potentially down for the giant money-making agreement, they would have ultimately re-cast the series current Spider-man: Andrew Garfield.

The deal in the making was a 60/40 split, with Sony handling the distribution rights and Marvel taking over creative control of the character.

According to the Latino Review, if the deal were to go forward, it would be without Garfield and all the previous movies would be considered non-canonical.

Furthermore, the first look at Spider-man would feature none of the romance or teenage subplot and instead jump right into Parker leading his double life as a photographer and a super hero.

In essence, they would take over Peter Parker and give him a clean slate at the same time, but definitely not in the upcoming Civil War movie.

We can’t say we hate this idea. Our spidey senses are tingling.