South Carolina: Alligator Casually Tries To Ring The Doorbell – Watch

Updated: May 6, 2016
South Carolina: Alligator Casually Tries To Ring The Doorbell

A bold alligator managed to walk its way right up to the door of a Moncks Corner, South Carolina, home on Monday, and even propped itself up on the front door.

Gary Rogers told ABC that he was walking his dog Monday morning when construction workers stopped working to watch an alligator walk through the yards of two homes.

Rogers shot video with his cellphone as the reptile headed for the front porch of one of the homes.

“He was trying to climb the fence a couple (of) times, tried to climb somebody’s door. It was pretty funny, actually,” Rogers told WCIV. “I’m not from the area, so seeing an alligator is interesting as far as I’m concerned.”

Jamie Bailey told WCIV that she doesn’t know if the gator rang the bell, but she found plenty of scratches on her front door when she got home.

“I thought it was a joke. And the first picture she sent me was from over here and I couldn’t see it on the porch. And then they sent me the video front on and I was in disbelief. Couldn’t believe it,” Bailey said. “I mean who would have thought, an alligator.”