Someone found Aliens in Elite Dangerous (Watch)

Updated: January 8, 2017
Someone found Aliens in Elite Dangerous (Watch)

After years of waiting, a player has finally come across with an Elite Dangerous alien ship. This somehow indicates that it is possible for all gamers to actually meet the Thargoid alien race, which they have been anticipating for quite some time already.

The discovery, made DP Sayre on an Xbox One, shows a meeting where the player was able to get a good look at this strange craft, which disabled the player’s ship before making good its escape (if you want to see more you can see three clips stitched together by clicking in this direction).

The legendary Thargoids have long been the focus of player speculation within the Elite community, with pilots searching for them since the game launched back in 2014 (and finding only traces). Any doubt that this could be anything other than legitimate was dismissed when Frontier seemingly confirmed the authenticity of the discovery, although the studio hasn’t done much more than acknowledge the find and is leaving the community to enjoy the moment for themselves.