Smoke causes panic on Boston’s Train

Smoke causes panic on Boston's Train

Passengers panicked after smoke filled the Red Line train on Boston’s MBTA transit system, kicking out windows to escape the car.

Cellphone video from the scene shows passengers climbing out the windows of the train as it was stopped at the Quincy Center station. Jordan Tong, who was on the platform waiting to take the train to school at UMass Boston, said he and some other people tried opening the door but were unable to get it open.

“I started hearing some pounding on windows and definitely heard a few helps,” Ryan Rolfsen said. “Then saw an actual hand come out between the rubber between the doors and realized this person is trying to get out.”

Quincy Fire Chief Joseph Barron said they received a call for a fire on a train but by the time they arrived, the disabled train had already been removed.

The MBTA blamed the smoke on a propulsion system failure and said there was no cause for concern or danger over the incident. “A failure of the propulsion system that caused the subway car to ‘behave’ as if the train was still moving,” officials said.

Tong described the incident as “scary,” but said he does not feel the MBTA should be blamed.

“Problems happen, not everybody can notice what’s going on,” Tong said.

In total six windows were smashed, they will be replaced at a cost of $72 each plus labor.