Skyslide opens 1000 feet above Los Angeles – Watch

Updated: June 26, 2016
Skyslide opens 1000 feet above Los Angeles - Watch

The facial expressions and screams of the first Skyslide riders as it opened on Saturday in Los Angeles say it all.

The 45ft long Skyslide is located in the US Bank Tower, and you’d have to be stir-crazy to try this bad boy out.

The slide is only one inch thick, but fear not, it has been built to withstand hurricane-force winds and earthquakes.

It stretches between the 70th and 69th floor of the building, so it’s pretty handy if you’re in a rush to see a colleague in finance.

For those adrenaline-seekers out there looking to give it a whirl, it is now open to the public and tickets cost $25 (£18) each.

Some (insane) people got a special preview earlier this week.

Keri Freeman told BBC News: ‘I thought it was nerve-wracking and exciting and daring.’

Rebecca Fitzgerald added: ‘And you kind of like hit the side as you’re coming around the curve, so you’re really pressed up against the glass, so you see the whole world below you.’