Shauna Hunt interview : Heckler fired after shouting profanities at female TV reporter

Shauna Hunt : Heckler fired after shouting profanities at female TV reporter

Hydro One employee fired after FHRITP heckling of CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt.

After putting up with harassment ten times a day while trying to do her job, she decided to turn on a man who had uttered an obscene phrase into her mic.

Shauna Hunt was interviewing people outside a football game when a bystander leaned into her mic and muttered a sexually abusive phrase while the camera was rolling.

Instead of continuing on and ignoring the interruption, she decided this time she would confront the man with his group of friends.

She told him what he had said was “disgusting”.

“It’s degrading to women,” she said, pressing him further by saying, “And you would humiliate me on live television?”

“You know what, I’m sick of this, I get this every single day, 10 times a day by rude guys like you.

“When you talk into my microphone and say that into my camera to viewers at the station I work at, it is disrespectful and degrading to me.”

Supporters praised the reporter on social media, calling the act “ignorant” and “vulgar”.

According to Canadian media reports, one of the group supporting the act has been fired by his employer.