Seth Meyers ‘iced by Quvenzhané Wallis’

Seth Meyers 'iced by Quvenzhané Wallis'

Seth Meyers thinks he was “iced” by Quvenzhané Wallis at the Golden Globe 2015, the 41-year-old funnyman told his Late Night audience on Monday evening about his star-studded table at Sunday’s ceremony, and the 11-year-old starlet was among those sitting near him. But he joked the nominated starlet didn’t appear eager to become acquainted with him.

[I] had a really fun table. I sat with the Gyllenhaals — Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal… Quvenzhané Wallis was at my table. The lovely Quvenzhané Wallis — she was Annie this year. So adorable, so talented, couldn’t have been less interested to meet me… pretty much fully iced by Quvenzhané Wallis.

He then added,

Look, I get it, she’s not my demo. She was really lovely. She’s such a wonderful actress though, she’s such a talented actress. Despite her acting skills, could not even pretend to be interested in me. It’s hard, you know, cause I’m a huge Quvenzhané fan. I feel like now I gotta carry that with me and next time I see her film I gotta be like, “Why don’t you like me more?” Don’t meet your heroes!