SeaWorld : Paper Towns Movie Drops The Seaworld Scene

SeaWorld : Paper Towns Movie Drops The Seaworld Scene

SeaWorld Scene Vanishes From Paper Towns Adaptation

Though the scene appears early on in John Green’s 2008 novel Paper Towns, the theme park was cut from the film adaptation because of recent controversy concerning the park’s treatment of sea animals as revealed in the 2013 documentary Blackfish.

Instead of SeaWorld, Q (Nat Wolff) and Margo (Cara Delevingne) will end their night of hijinks in the SunTrust Building. In the book, they visit the top of this building in the middle of their night.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on Friday afternoon.

Hypable visited the set of Paper Towns in December and can independently confirm that this change is true.

“Since [John] wrote the book, the documentary [Blackfish] came out. I think it’s a little less playful to go to SeaWorld now,” producer Wyck Godfrey told THR.

SeaWorld has faced endless backlash since Blackfish, which has aired repeatedly on CNN over the past year, brought the park’s alleged poor treatment of whales into the public eye.

The park’s presence in the film would’ve been a favor to SeaWorld and a small distraction to the movie.

For its part, SeaWorld has adamantly denied many of the documentary’s claims, but their numerous responses haven’t won over the public.

Paper Towns opens June 5, 2015 and is directed by Jake Schreier.