SeaWorld : Paper Towns Movie Drops The Seaworld Scene

SeaWorld : Paper Towns Movie Drops The Seaworld Scene

SeaWorld Scene Vanishes From Paper Towns Adaptation

Though the scene appears early on in John Green’s 2008 novel Paper Towns, the theme park was cut from the film adaptation because of recent controversy concerning the park’s treatment of sea animals as revealed in the 2013 documentary Blackfish.

Instead of SeaWorld, Q (Nat Wolff) and Margo (Cara Delevingne) will end their night of hijinks in the SunTrust Building. In the book, they visit the top of this building in the middle of their night.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on Friday afternoon.

Hypable visited the set of Paper Towns in December and can independently confirm that this change is true.

“Since [John] wrote the book, the documentary [Blackfish] came out. I think it’s a little less playful to go to SeaWorld now,” producer Wyck Godfrey told THR.

SeaWorld has faced endless backlash since Blackfish, which has aired repeatedly on CNN over the past year, brought the park’s alleged poor treatment of whales into the public eye.

The park’s presence in the film would’ve been a favor to SeaWorld and a small distraction to the movie.

For its part, SeaWorld has adamantly denied many of the documentary’s claims, but their numerous responses haven’t won over the public.

Paper Towns opens June 5, 2015 and is directed by Jake Schreier.

  • speed_racer2

    Media: Don’t let the facts get in the way of your PCing Seaworld out of existence. The trainers love the animals like children. A documentary based on half truths and clever edits doesn’t change it.

    • Genny Ott

      I agree , they don’t abuse or mistreat these beautiful creatures , and one story should not have made it where they were excluded from Paper Town, just goes to show how many people try to make it that these places are mistreating the animals, mammals etc . just crazy

    • Zenst8

      Would you want to be in a prison your whole life? How about being torn away from your family forever? That to me is cruel!

    • Leeland Hackbarth

      Unfortunately, the media is built on half truths. Whatever is the most controversial… sells. And it is all about selling stories.

  • Meko21

    Sadly this is some of the very little contact/knowledge people ever get about these majestic animals and without it less will be done or supported to help save and protect the species. Sometimes the do gooders do a lot more harm than they realize. We go from one extreme to the other. We almost put them into extinction but programs like this help raise awareness and bring them back. Now in an effort to protect them we are going to lower awareness and hide their ambassadors’ from the world. The stupidity of political correctness raises it’s ugly head again.

  • Leeland Hackbarth

    When did we become such a sensitive society?

    Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone… Except God.
    -Billy Graham

  • J. Harp

    Hollywood censorship hard at work! Their message: let’s let all of the fringe element dictate to us how we live our lives! The position of the Control Freak Leftist Fringe Element is that they will change reality, change history, lie cheat, and steal to get their way to control your life! They are morally bankrupt, they have no integrity and they have NO HONOR!

  • SSBN

    it’s an illness of our time. People are lead to believe, and they tend to accept, the idea that the world spins on the all mighty dollar and that no one acts on moral principles except for themselves. I’ve been around a few years and I can remember before Sea World there was a place called Marine-Land. It wasn’t a place where a bunch of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children were running around (I say that with loving appreciation for those guys. Great men.); but, it was much like Sea World today. And for as long as I can remember there have been stories and rumors of bad things happening. Things ranging from the mistreatment of animals to the death of trainers. And you know it’s not only Sea World; but, it seems like anywhere there are animals kept, such as zoos and aviaries, there are always things happening. What do you expect when you have people and wild animals together? I believe that the staff at Sea World works at doing good for the most part. I think this is shown in programs such as “Lipton’s Weekend Adventure” series called “Ocean Rescue”. It’s wonderful that these people can do what they do and it’s true that they can’t save the world; but, I think they should be given credit for making the effort to do what they do. I do believe that some people operate on the premiss that the dollar is the governing factor in many things and I don’t know that I’ll be going to see the “Paper Town”. I guess that’s one way I can practice my beliefs. It may only be $8.50 but it’s mine until I give it away. The fact is I believe the people working at Sea World probably work more on a moral compass than the theaters do. So I should probably send Sea World at least the price of a movie ticket. I know the park, Sea World, shows and gift shops raise some funds; but, I can only imagine the cost needed to take care of all the animals they serve. Thanks Sea World and thanks “Paper Towns” (The Movie) for pointing this out to us.

  • rebeccadrellermayo

    ANYONE who thinks Sea World does “good” for CAPTIVE beings, is S-T-U-P-I-D. I’ve read; “oh the trainers really love their animals”, or “those whales get fed and live a pampered life”. Pull your heads out of your asses, you morons. SEA WORLD SUCKS. PERIOD. It’s nothing more than a fancy prison for sentient beings who should be swimming the oceans with THEIR FAMILIAL PODS. The very same pods that the Orcas are recorded singing to whilst their being held in their prison cells whilst waiting for their next dog and pony show they are forced to perform in.

    • SSBN

      Rebecca, there are many that many would call STUPID and I thank you for pointing that out. To see the bad and be blind to any good can also be called closed minded. The same is true of seeing only good and not the bad. I think the first leads to pessimism and the other leads to unrealistic optimism. I have heard it said that resorting to name calling is the sign of … well human weakness and unfortunately it is the cause of many problems in the world. I have and I would stand in defense of your or any other persons right to express themselves. I was once in a place waiting for the order to come to destroy the world. I am thankful that I never had to do that; but, it doesn’t mean the day won’t come that the order will come. And then maybe man will be cleaned from the planet with all the creatures on the land and the only ones remaining will be the creatures of the sea and then they can work the good and the bad as they see fit. I understand about the good and the bad and I’m often amazed we haven’t ended life on this little rock as we know it already; but, when that day comes it may well be because people decided to call names rather than talk or by people many might call STUPID. Oh and if it is worth anything, which many would say it’s not, in the many years I listened in the ocean I never heard the whales or the dolphins call each other names. Must be unique to the human race. I hope life is good to you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and enthusiasm.

  • Zenst8

    They may not physically abuse the whales but they are basically in prison and torn away from their family which is cruel enough to me! SeaWorld should be shut down!

  • Bora

    I’m sure the trainers don’t want to miss treat any of the animals, but U did not watch, they were with held food and companionship, in spite of the trainers. Get pass the trainers and think of the animals they should not be there, PERIOD! Anyone that visits these parks anywhere, also feed in this greed and abuse.