Sean McVay sits on the bench, too – (News)

Sean McVay sits on the bench, too –

Dolphins coach Adam Gase has a message for anyone criticizing him for sitting on the bench while his defense is on the field: Other coaches do it, too.

“I’m not the only one that does that,” Gase said Wednesday, via Joe Schad of The Palm Beach Post. “The guy in L.A. [Sean McVay] does it a lot, and they’re all right.”

As Miami’s play-caller, Gase sometimes heads to the bench after an offensive series to view pictures on a tablet or talk to quarterback Ryan Tannehill. His absence from the sideline — however brief — has led to a social media discussion.

Gase argues it’s no big deal.

Assistant coaches Darren Rizzi and Shawn Jefferson are charged with helping Gase, who has the defensive coaches in his ear and ample replay screens in full view.

“It just depends where we are in the game,” Gase said. “Just remember, it’s not hard to see that I’m on the headsets with the defense. I can hear everything. I can see what’s going on. There’s pretty big screens on the field. It’s not like I can’t see anything. I hear everything going on. A lot of times I’m trying to get the next series ready, so I can tell those guys ‘Here’s what’s coming. Here’s what I’m thinking going into the next series.’”