Sean Hannity Worst : Mediaite Readers Pick the WORST of Media 2014

Sean Hannity Worst : Mediaite Readers Pick the WORST of Media 2014

Sean Hannity Worst Host On Fox News? Last week, our friends over at Mediaite sent out a survey to “several dozen” cable news hosts from Fox, CNN, and MSNBC asking them to, with complete anonymity, nominate their colleagues as Best and Worst Hosts. Over at Fox, things did not fare well for the poor lad Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity ostensibly “won” the category thanks to his shoehorning in of conservative talking points, often at the expense of actual reporting.

Best host went to Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly won as runner-up.

Once the story broke that Sean Hannity had received his prestigious award, he let his opinion be known on Twitter.

  • nyecop

    Actually O’Riely is the worst. He invites people to talk on his show, ask for their opinion and then when it differs from his interrupts them and won’t let them finish a full sentence. While I do like his overall show, he needs to get some manners and stop interrupting those he invites to talk. It’s his show so he can always make his counter points after they are finished. Apparently his parents did not teach him it is extremely rude to interrupt someone when they are talking, especially when you ask them to speak!

    • James Bone

      He doesn’t let guests ramble on without answering his questions. That is what makes him popular.

    • nwwcp

      OReilly is the best, sometimes jumps in to quick. But MSNBC IS NOTHING BUT WHITE HATERS, AND LIARS, THEY SHOULD B TAKEN OFF THE AIR

  • brooklynbummer

    Blow hard of the greatest dimension.

    • republican122

      you must be gazing in your mirror

  • joesockit

    I agree with nyecop, but it’s Hannity that is the worst. I can’t watch him. And Megyn Kelly has become almost as bad. I loved her when she started but , WOW, has she become a female Hannity. The news in general on FOX is becoming unwatchable. I turn it off as soon as 2 or 3 people begin talking over each other. Makes no sense and is childish, I turn it off, DO YOU HEAR ME PROGRAM DIRECTORS/PRODUCERS??
    It’s a function of surrounding yourself with people who are afraid to tell you the truth. You hear how wonderful you are all the time and you start to believe it. While I may agree with the hosts points I do want to hear what the opposing view is, we all should, we might learn something. With Hannity it’s the same thing over and over, ask a question, just as the guest gets going cut them off, ridicule them, repeat, say thanks a lot and on to the next one. O’Reilly does it too but Hannity is the worst. Megyn is now doing it, Talks over the top of people one sentence in to answering their question. I know you want to keep them on topic but many times they bury themselves and that’s way better. If there was another place to go I would not watch Fox news in the evenings , In fact sometimes I just give up on the news completely.

    • republican122

      so you deleted my response to you it is typical liberal does not believe in debate or freedom of speech no tolerance ect ect