Seahawks fan rejects $20,000, will give famous football back to Kearse

Updated: January 20, 2015
Seahawks fan rejects $20,000, will give famous football back to Kearse

Seahawks fan facing jail time turns down $20,000 offer for ball caught by Jermaine Kearse

Jermaine Kearse proceeded to throw the ball up into the crowd after crossing the endzone line. It was caught by a 32 year old man named Scott Shelton, who lives just north of Seattle.

According to, Shelton said that a sports memorabilia dealer has already offered him $20,000 for the football.

Furthermore, Shelton also got a call from Jermaine Kearse who wanted to make a trade for the football.

The dialogue went like this:

“We were just talking about the game. He told me he wanted to trade his game helmet signed by the team and his jersey, for the ball. And then he asked me what (else) I wanted for the ball. And I said ‘honestly, it would be nice to go see you guys whip New England in the Super Bowl.’ So he’s going to see what he can do about that. But I told him I wouldn’t give it up unless it was going to him. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have it.”

But wait, there’s more to it.

If he ends up getting Super Bowl tickets from Kearse, it will have to be a very quick trip.

Shelton has to report to The Snohomish County District Attorney’s office in Washington at 2 p.m. the day after the Super Bowl. He will begin a several-month prison sentence for unlawful possession of a firearm.