Saw 10th anniversary : Let’s Take a Look Back…

Updated: November 2, 2014
Saw 10th anniversary : Let's Take a Look Back…

Halloween is going to be packed with movies that are timely for the season and one of them is “Saw: 10th Anniversary,” which opens on October 31, 2014. The success of the other versions of the movie was so high that the studio didn’t think twice of releasing a new one.

One of the creepiest horror films in a long time, “Saw” is a nightmare thriller that not only keeps you on edge, but constantly manages to pull the rug out from under you.

Just when you may think you’ve figured out this psychological thriller about two men who wake up to find themselves in chains at opposite ends of an ancient tiled restroom with a dead man lying between, the solution turns out not to be as simple as you may have imagined.

The men, one a respected surgeon (Cary Elwes), the other a photographer (Leigh Whannell), don’t know how they got there nor why they are there. They feel, however, that their every move is being watched. A voice on a tape recorder pulled from the dead man’s hand orders the doctor to kill the photographer within several hours or his kidnapped wife and little girl will be murdered themselves. A pair of hacksaws left in a toilet tank prove useless for cutting through their chains. It dawns on them that the saws are only good for cutting off their feet to free themselves. But can they do that?

“Saw” is about seemingly perfectly orderly lives (that turn out to be messy around the edges) suddenly thrown into chaos. It’s a sadistic nightmare of a movie, but its grisly and macabre game of death is handled with so many startling twists that few will be able to figure out what’s really happening until the end. It’s a bloody good show, with the emphasis on bloody.