Sarah Palin Channel Video of Wardrobe Malfunction Goes Viral – Watch

Sarah Palin Channel Video of Wardrobe Malfunction Goes Viral - Watch

Sarah Palin faces an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while doing a Christmas special on the Sarah Palin channel.

Sarah Palin is a former half-term Alaskan Governor who promotes great Christian values and has written two books already on the subject. She has faced a lot of attention opposing the atheists who are lawyering up against pure Christian traditions.

In a recent airing on the Sarah Palin Channel, the failed vice presidential hopeful, half term governor and Tea Party sweetheart, took some time to speak of the true spirit of Christmas, but mostly to plug her book, the 2013 yuletide tome “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas.”

Seated in front of the roaring blue flames of what looks like a gas fireplace, Palin tells her online audience how they can “protect the heart of Christmas” and not allow “just a few angry atheists with attorneys” to tell them that they can’t celebrate the birth of Christ.

And although Mama Grizzly assures fans that her book isn’t an “in your face political lecture,” she asserts that it’s a “fun book that incorporates the solution to the challenge that is a ‘war on Christmas’ that we see taking place right now.”

Palin’s solution to this seasonal quandary? Her moose chili recipe, which she brags that she’s “kinda famous for” along with daughter Willow’s rice krispie treats and blueberry pie, which in order to harvest, her family must compete with the bears to get (presumably by shooting them – hence the chili).

Sarah goes on to say that in addition to the recipes, there are “a lot of fun things that will hopefully spark inspiration in other people to allow them, no matter what faith anyone is, but allow them some Christmas joy to spread and make the holiday season a bit more joyful.”

Just don’t say “Happy Holidays.”

“Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas” can be bought on Amazon. Used paperback copies start at .60 cents.

  • Jon

    Shooting the bears? You think that is what she meant? This author is clueless. Anyone with half a brain knew that competing with the Bears meant grabbing the blueberries before the bears got to them….I didn’t realize that moose chili needed bear meat……You are an idiot with an obvious agenda.

    • Bob

      Calling the author an idiot is an insult to idiots the world over.

    • JRH

      Agreed. Nowhere does Palin suggest that Alaskans must shoot bears in order to pick blueberries. She says that they must compete with bears, meaning get to the berries before the bears eat them all. Only someone who did not listen and had a preset negative agenda would make such a ridiculous leap.

      I do not believe that she suggested that the solution to the lack of respect many people show Christmas (particularly corporations, who are ever happy to reap the benefits of the gift-giving tradition but refuse to acknowledge even the name of the holiday) is to make chili. Again, it appears that the writer rushed to type out a bit of snark rather than actually listen, and MOOSE chili would logically include MOOSE meat, not bear meat. One wonders if the writer actually realizes that moose and bear are not two words for the same animal.

      What is with the half term governor (or half-term, depending on where one looks) lines? Does the writer refer to JFK as a 3/4-term president? Whether she stepped down or not, she was the governor of Alaska, and all the silly little qualifiers (with various spellings) that are thrown in as a sad bit of mockery do not change that.

      Also, I highly doubt that anything, even a used copy of Palin’s book, can be purchased for .60 cents, or less than a penny, but hey, math class is tough and one cannot be bothered with simple money mathematics when writing petty hit pieces for a third-rate website.

  • trudat

    Go Sarah. The way this women gets treated by Libs, Dems and the Press has made me a fan of the Palin’s. No matter how hard they try, they just can’t break her. That’s true American grit. Its nice to see that some Americans still have a spine. The L D P group is nothing but a bunch of hypocritical pigs dressed up.

    • Kathy

      No need to “break” her.
      She did it all on her own when she fired herself from her governor job!

    • gordon_wagner

      “Libs”? Are you in second grade?

      Have you ever heard former Governor Palin speak? It’s frightening. And she apparently believes every word she says. It’s not an act — she is profoundly clueless, and not in a funny or ironic way.

      • JRH

        Are you really frightened of hearing Palin speak? Are you really that frightened of opposing viewpoints and the notion that people may actually hold beliefs and positions that do not track exactly with yours? Are you that terrified of a nation where people are allowed to think for themselves, make up their own minds, and express those beliefs? Is anyone forcing you to listen or to accept her beliefs as your own?

        Are you that easily cowed? Are you that easily frightened? Are you as readily terrified as a second grader? Seriously? If not, expand your vocabulary.

      • Robert M

        Obama sounds good but its what he actually does thats frightening.

    • Jim Valley

      What exactly is it that you feel Palin has to offer? I see a full-time grifter who has made herself fabulously rich off of people like you. What do YOU see?

      PS. Are you among those paying $10 a month to subscribe to her website? She has put up less than an hour of video so far this month, and much of that was reruns. Yet people keep paying. You really CAN fool some of the people all of the time.

  • Dwight Lyon

    Liberal Media FAIL again. Not a thing wrong there. Except the Liberal Hate Mongers Failed attempt.

  • saturnsrim

    So. The so called oops moment is because this idiot that advocates christian values is wearing a top that is so loose that the only thing that prevents it from falling to her waist is her tits.

  • Kathy

    The only thing more pathetic than Palin herself are the brain-dead sycophantic morons who still bother to defend her lamentable existence with their incredibly ignorant, hypocritical and stupid comments here and on other websites.

    • JRH

      Wrong. Far more pathetic are the people who harbor such unbridled hatred and spit pure vitriol toward a woman who is little more than a commentator at this point. Her very existence is “lamentable” to you and your ilk in your sad, bitter little world.

      Do not talk to me about stupid comments when you cannot even watch a woman talk about a recipe book without flying into a rage and wishing her dead (a very accurate interpretation of “lamentable existence”, madam). It is regrettable that you are so filled with hatred at this time of celebration. I pity you.

      • Kathy

        Over the years I’ve found that the real ‘haters’ are the ones who always mention the word hate. Thanks for being Exhibit A.

        You know nothing about Palin. Nothing. Try living in her neighborhood in Alaska for over 15 years, then report back.

        Palin is an extraordinary fraud and hoax. That’s a fact.

        • Robert

          And you know she’s a fraud and hoax by what? Living in her neighborhood? I think not.

          • Sean Connolly

            It’s what she’s been told. But she must have missed when Van Jones opened up not long ago that the reason she was smeared relentlessly is because the Dems were terrified of her. Low info people Grubered again.

        • JRH

          Over the years, I’ve found that people who have no legitimate counter tend to change the subject and try to pin their lamentable behavior on those who call them out. I give you Exhibit A.

          I do know something about Palin. She’s a woman, a former governor of Alaska, a former vice presidential candidate, a conservative political commentator, a mother of a special needs child…need I go on, or have I shared enough “nothing”?

          And why must I live in Alaska for 15 years to have an opinion? How ridiculous! I don’t live in Washington, but I’m as qualified as any American to form my own opinions on the policies of lawmakers. I read and gather information, then weigh that data against my own personally held beliefs to determine my opinion. It’s called being informed and it is the way every person who is informed behaves. I dare say less than one in a million bitter women who lament Sarah Palin’s existence and denounce her publicly and loudly have even set foot in Alaska. I suggest you demand the same rigor of Palin’s enemies as you do of those who do not lament her existence.

          And your line about her being a fraud and a hoax is not a fact, not without documentation. You need to learn the difference between fact and hate-fueled accusation.

    • redneckkk

      Are you speaking of the Hillary huggers?
      Or maybe, the Mooooooooooooooooochelle facebook “bring back our girls” deadheads?

    • VHG1

      Kinda like those who do it for Obama, Michelle, Pelosi, Reid LOL! Another proud spokeshole for “the moron vote”

    • redneckkk

      You are just plain jealous…get over the fact that she is more woman than you’ll ever be, Hillary.

  • can anyone tell me why this is news? so her sweater is falling apart a bit, who cares. What the hell is this , this is not news lol

  • neatjunk

    Where was her drunken high school dropout slut daughter? Must be drunk in her camo thong dress.

  • gordon_wagner

    I probably can’t use the term t*t-***k here, can I…

    • JRH

      t*t-***k? Now who’s the one who is speaking like a second-grader?

  • Stryker CV

    The video kinda reminds me of the SNL skit with Martha Stewart’s Christmas…

  • John Galtius

    Okay, so you put a headline from a different story on this article… why?

  • theelviscerator

    The fact is her politics is better for our country then Oblunders.