Sandra Bullock scared by media’s attack on women – Watch

Sandra Bullock scared by media's attack on women - Watch

Sandra Bullock scared by the constant attack on women in Hollywood.

Oscar-winner says she’s shocked and embarrassed by misogynistic media, as Anna Faris attacks gender-competitive Hollywood culture.

During an interview with E! online for her new film, Minions, Bullock — who was recently named People’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2015 — opened up about the pressures of not just being in the spotlight as a movie star, but as a woman.

“I feel like it’s become open hunting season in how women are attacked and it’s not because of who we are as people, it’s because of how we look or our age,” Bullock said, before going on to admit that she’s worried how this will affect her 5-year-old son, Louis. “I’m trying to raise a good man who values and appreciates women, and here we have this attack on women in the media that I don’t see a stop happening.”

Bullock explained that she accepted the People honor, in part, to use the platform to speak out about these issues. “I said if I can talk about the amazing women who I find beautiful, which are these women who rise above and take care of business and do wonderful things, and take care of each other, then I’m more than honored to be on the cover of this.”​