Sandoval Benched For Instagram? Red Sox bench “Pablo Sandoval” for using social media during game

Sandoval Benched For Instagram? Red Sox bench Pablo Sandoval for using social media during game

Red Sox player Pablo Sandoval got benched for liking pictures on Instagram during a game he was playing in.

Sandoval sat out Thursday’s game against Atlanta because he went on Instagram during clubhouse bathroom break during Wednesday’s game. That’s against team policy that bans players from using phone from 30 minutes before a game until it ends, The Boston Globe reported.

“I just came in here to go to the bathroom,” Sandoval told the Globe. “I didn’t have nothing to do, so I just grabbed my phone. I didn’t send a message. I hit a ‘like.’ I pushed the button at the wrong time, so I’ll learn from that.”

Sandoval’s in-game use of Instagram became known when, under his screen name KFP48, he liked a couple photos of a woman.

Apparently the Red Sox’s phone ban rules supreme, even over baseball’s unwritten rule about not benching a player on a hot streak. The ex-Giants star is batting .293 on the year, and is on an eight-game hitting streak

“It’s the wrong thing,” Sandoval told The Associated Press. “My team is down. Ain’t going to happen no more.”

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