49ers’ Mike Davis pays $1800 dinner bill – Picture

San Francisco 49ers rookie Mike Davis pays $1,800 dinner bill

San Francisco 49ers Rookie Gets Hazing Treatment With $1800 Dinner Bill.

Hazing isn’t exactly something the NFL encourages, but there is no doubt it still happens. San Francisco running back Mike Davis found that out the hard way.

The fourth-round draft pick went out to eat with his teammates. Considering the price, Davis and the rest of the 49ers almost certainly enjoyed the meal. Then it came time to pay, and the vets decided it was the new guy’s turn.

It’s unclear if Davis was the only one to fork over for the bill or if other rookies helped. But for his sake, hopefully there were other rookies involved.

Davis has a cap hit of $552,195 this season. His four year contract has $468,781 in guaranteed money.

The rookie had 18 yards on three carries in the 49ers first preseason game. He will be fighting for carries throughout the season, likely behind Carlos Hyde.