Ryan Mallett: ‘Texans QB’ oversleeps his professional obligation ‘Watch’

Ryan Mallett : Texans QB oversleeps his professional obligation

Ryan Mallett missed practice on Thursday for what coach Bill O’Brien called a personal issue.

The mystery began when head coach Bill O’Brien made a surprise visit to the podium on Thursday after he was not scheduled to talk to the media. The topic of conversation coming out of practice was the absence of quarterback Ryan Mallett.

When O’Brien was asked about why Mallett was absent from practice, he said, “No, that’s between Ryan and I. It’s just a personal issue for him.”

When asked again, O’Brien responded, “Like I said, it’s between Ryan and I. It’s a personal issue.”

O’Brien ended that line of questioning, saying that Mallett should be back to practice on Friday.

As it turns out, Mallett was late to practice on Thursday and subsequently sent home by O’Brien. He later returned to the facility for team meetings. This comes on the heels of Mallett being passed over for Brian Hoyer as the Texans starting quarterback for 2015.

This is not the best look for Mallett, especially for the way things have unfolded since Monday. Mallett was very upset about the way the quarterback competition played out and made it known to media on Tuesday.

This will not sit good with O’Brien but either way it will be something to watch as the preseason starts its wind down.