Ryan Mallett: Quarterback Misses Texans’ Plane To Miami

Ryan Mallett: Quarterback Misses Texans' Plane To Miami
Ryan Mallett: Quarterback Misses Texans' Plane To Miami

Ryan Mallett missed the Houston Texans’ charter flight on Saturday for their game at the Miami Dolphins.

Ryan Mallett is the backup to Brian Hoyer for Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins. If he had been unable to fly out of Houston because of the heavy rain, the Texans could have been in serious trouble.

The Texans had no comment on Mallett, but he will be fined, as he was in training camp when he missed a practice because he said his cell phone battery died, so his alarm clock couldn’t go off.

Ryan Mallett missed the training camp practice after losing the starting job to Hoyer. Two weeks ago, Hoyer was named the starter over Mallett.

If Tom Savage was available to be the backup and not on injured reserve, it wouldn’t be surprising if coach Bill O’Brien cut Mallett.

The Texans don’t have a third quarterback on the roster. Zac Dysert is on the practice squad.

Expect the media to ask O’Brien and Mallett about him missing the charter after Sunday’s game.