Ryan Fitzpatrick sitting on three-year deal he’s not signing “Details”

Updated: May 28, 2016
Ryan Fitzpatrick sitting on three-year deal he’s not signing

Today we got word that the Jets have offered Ryan Fitzpatrick a three year deal with $12 million in guaranteed money paid in the first year of the contract.

According to the New York Post, the organization believe the veteran signal caller to be worth a three-year contract that would pay him $12 million in the first year of the prospective agreement.

The deal has been there for the taking for four months, according to the report, a somewhat notable development if true, considering that almost every speculated appraisal of their offer has been in the range of $7 million annually, with Fitzpatrick asking something like twice that amount, hence the lingering dispute.

One wonders what the disagreement is now on Fitzpatrick’s end, given the fact that no other teams have shown interest in signing him.

The quarterback has publicly stated his intention to return to football this season, and not retire as some have suggested given the lack of a new deal between he and club whose single-season touchdown record he broke last year, with 31 scores.

He played out the final year of his two-year, $7.5 million contract in 2015, when he threw for 3,905 total yards and 15 interceptions.