Russell Wilson : Seahawks, Quarterback ’10s of millions’ apart on contract

Russell Wilson : Seahawks, Quarterback '10s of millions' apart on contract

The Seahawks and Russell Wilson are ’10s of millions’ apart on a new contract, and negotiations are going nowhere.

According to ESPN 710’s Danny O’Neil, neither side is close to agreeing on a reported extension that could be worth $120 million with half of the money guaranteed.

“In fact, the Seahawks haven’t put $100 million on the table right now,” O’Neil said, citing various league sources familiar with negotiations. “The offer of a four-year extension is believed to be worth closer to $80 million.”

The offer by the club would put Wilson in the company with such veteran quarterbacks as Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers and Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Seahawks apparently don’t want Wilson’s numbers to move into the neighborhood of Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers or Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The going rate for top-level quarterbacks is at least $20 million per season.

All Wilson has done is go from third-round draft pick competing for the quarterback job to the engineer of the Seahawks’ offense and back-to-back trips to the Super Bowl and winning it once. Wilson can become a free agent at the end of the 2015 season and could bet on himself this season, playing without a long-term deal to take negotiations into February and March 2016.

Last Saturday during a break from the NFL Draft, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll put the ball in Wilson’s court as a contract stalemate continues entering the contract year for the fourth-year quarterback.

“It’s ongoing, but going a little slow,” Carroll said during an interview with ESPN. “We’re waiting to hear from their side. Every guy’s individual case is different. Russell has been an extraordinary player for us and for our community. We hope to get something done as soon as we can and we’re working at it. But there are parts that are moving here. We’ve worked very hard to keep this team together and Russell is a huge part of that. He’s going to be with us and we’re excited about moving forward with him.”

Wilson is coming off another strong season in which he completed 63.1 percent of his passes for 3,475 yards with 20 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He also rushed for 849 yards and six touchdowns in 2014.

  • Michael Strom

    Wilson needs to play out his contract and take a huge guaranteed deal from a team that has a lot of salary cap space so he can get the true experience of playing for a team with no money to pay defensive stars and top notch offensive line-men. Good luck Russell. I’m rooting for you.

  • Michael Strom

    This isn’t about money for the Seahawks. Paul Allen donated over 100 million last year for medical and technical aid in Africa. It’s about success ruining the salary cap. I think a salary of 15 million is more than fair for Wilson. The Seahawks need to sign their most valuable player, Bobby Wagner, and the fast improving Bruce Irvin to solidify their linebacking corps. I love Russell, but it’s not all about money. It’s about the game. This theory that players have only a few years to make money is hogwash. Retirement age is 65 and NFL players who blow their money just have to think about taking on other job opportunities, greeters at casinos, used car salesmen, etc. With the college education they’ve been granted by the colleges and universities they played for they should have vast opportunities in the business arena. The NFL quarterback who is worth the most money today never took a snap until he was 29. Meet Roger Starbuck, a CEO who made the most of his opportunities and is a man who met his commitments and didn’t indulge in short-term thinking.

  • Viktor Drago

    seahawks ownership not as dumb as 49ers look at crapperneck after his giant deal.

  • Brian Miller

    Hey Seattle, let him walk. I’m sure there are at least 20 teams that would find the money to put him in as a QB. Starting with any team in the AFC East that doesn’t have the Patriots in their team name!