Russell Wilson : Quarterback attends funeral for Jimmy Graham’s mentor

Updated: May 28, 2015
Russell Wilson :Quarterback attends funeral for Jimmy Graham's mentor

Russell Wilson will reportedly miss the Seahawks OTA on Tuesday to support teammate Jimmy Graham.

Longtime mentor Tamara Meyerson died Friday at 45 in Miami.

Meyerson reportedly became a mother figure to Graham; his mother abandoned him when he was 11.

She is survived by her husband, two sons, and a daughter.

“Tammy loved and mentored Jimmy Graham as a son. They [her children] were all always the number one priority in her life,” the obituary says.

Graham took to Twitter to send a note of remembrance about Meyerson on Tuesday morning.

ESPN reports that the team was aware of the absences.

Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett will also reportedly miss the start of OTAs.

Avril’s absence is reportedly, also, family related, as the Seahawks pass rusher lost his father over the weekend.

It’s unclear why Bennett will not be participating, but it could potentially be related to his desire for a new contract. According to one report, Bennett recently hinted at a holdout on NFL Network, telling Scott Hanson “I’m not back just yet. Not just yet,” in reference to his return to Seattle this year.