Russell Branyan: “Ex-MLBer” broke into ex-wife’s home and turned the heat down

Updated: November 19, 2015
Russell Branyan: Ex-MLBer broke into ex-wife's home and turned the heat down

Russell Branyan was arrested last night in Nashville, Tenn., on a charge of felony aggravated burglary, allegedly of his ex-wife’s home.

According to the warrant from Davidson County in Nashville, Tennessee, Russell Branyan entered the home of his ex-wife, Jill Branyan, and removed various items from the home. The warrant also accuses him of tampering with the home’s thermostat, making it extremely cold.

The warrant went on to say that Branyan acknowledged to a witness “that he had removed the items from the residence and now wanted to return them.”

Russell Branyan, who last played in the majors with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Angels in 2011, was previously charged with domestic violence against his then-wife in 2008, according to court documents out of Shaker Heights, Ohio. He pleaded no contest to that charge and was ordered to take part in one year of a first-offender program.

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