Runner Carries Rival : injured competitor in race for help

Updated: October 19, 2014
Runner Carries Rival : injured competitor in race for help

Runner carries rival across finish line at North Dakota cross-country race, Sometimes a helping hand just isn’t enough.

A North Dakota high school cross-country runner offered her entire back to an injured competitor as the two girls neared the finish line, a show of compassion that has sparked a friendship.

“It’s a tough feeling knowing that my last run ended like that and i didn’t get to finish,” Danielle LeNoue says.

She tore a tendon in her knee which caused her to collapse with barely 800 meters to left until the finish line.

“I felt like my leg was getting cut was a bad pain,” she recalls.

Until Devils Lake High Senior, Melanie Bailey, another runner in the race came to the rescue.

“She came and picked me up and put me on her shoulders and away she carried me,” LeNoue explains.

“It’s just a race that’s the thing. A person is forever, a race just lasts 25 minutes,” Melanie Bailey said.

It was a state qualifying race that no longer mattered.

“She sacrificed her time to some stranger she didn’t even know,” LeNoue said.

If Bailey could be there for a fellow runner and now a new-found friend.

“If I was helping her pain, then that’s all that counted,” Bailey said.

“There’s still good people out there, there’s still hope,” LeNoue said.

Good people who will help you get back on your feet again.

Bailey carried LeNoue nearly 300 feet before help arrived and at Lenoue’s urging, Bailey finished the race.