Rumble in the Jungle Rewind : Forty Years On

Rumble in the Jungle Rewind : Forty Years On

The heavyweight fought arch rival Ali in one of the greatest fights ever seen 40 years ago today

Rumble in the Jungle boxer George Foreman has a photo of the moment Muhammad Ali knocked him out as his SCREENSAVER.

Foreman, the Olympic gold medalist from Houston’s Fifth Ward, was so powerful that his fights didn’t often last beyond the third round.

But Foreman began to realize he was in trouble against Ali when the fight went four rounds.

In the sixth round, Foreman told me a few years ago,he hit Ali with perhaps the hardest punch he had ever thrown. Ali immediately clinched Foreman, then whispered in his ear, “George, is that all you’ve got?'”

“Yeah, champ,” a discouraged Foreman said. “That’s all I’ve got.”

And it was. Ali, employing the famous Rope-A-Dope, won in an eighth-round knockout, although it is still considered a quick count.