Royals player stolen from billboard has been found “Watch”

Updated: April 30, 2016
Royals player stolen from billboard has been found - Watch

A 14-foot cutout of a Royals player that was stolen from a billboard is safe at home in Kansas City.

No, it’s not one of the real players on the club’s 40-man roster, but instead a fake foam one that was stolen from a roadside billboard Wednesday night.

After spending two days lost in left field, the player was found unharmed in a wooded area near the billboard.

The player was reported to be in good condition except for a couple of scuffs on the knee and chest – parts of the uniform that are known for getting dirty.

“The sheriff just said to me that obviously somebody took it, got scared, brought it back,” Bob Fessler, the vice president for the billboard company, told KCTV5.

“Somebody that lives in the neighborhood just saw it plain as could be just laying along the side of the road this morning,” he said.

The foul play began earlier this week when an employee for Lamar Advertising noticed the player was missing.

“One of our crew members who was heading north [Wednesday] from our office called and said that the player was missing,” Fessler said to KSHB.

“I thought he was joking.”

The billboard depicted the 14 foot tall, 150-pound player jumping to rob a home run against the outfield wall at the Royal’s Kauffman Stadium.

The thieves cut five bolts and completed the sneak play by lowering the US $7,500 player to the ground.

“Somebody either had to be holding it with a rope while they were disconnecting it and I’m guessing somebody had to be down [on the ground] as they were lowering it,” said Fessler.

The advertising firm had been in the process of removing four other similar billboards located around the city.

There is no word on whether the players will be put back up.