Rovers up for Romania test

The difficulty of handling multiple competitions comes with the territory in non-League football, but for Haverhill Rovers manager Dean Greygoose, their FA Cup opener is the stand-out draw on the Reds’ fixture list.

The Suffolk outfit will take a break from the Eastern Counties Premier Division this weekend as they make the long trip to Hertfordshire where they will face FC Romania on Sunday afternoon.

FC Romania v Haverhill Rovers

The FA Cup

Extra Preliminary Round

3pm, Sunday 17 August 2014

Cheshunt FC

Winners receive £1500

By Josh Wright

Greygoose was under no illusions to the difficulty facing his team as they look to navigate through the early preliminary FA Cup rounds, but is hoping the luck will swing his side’s way this year, in what he describes as a “special” competition.

“When The FA Cup comes around it’s always a dream to take your team one step further [from last season] or get yourself somehow in with the big boys,” he said. 

“But it’s going to be tough, you need a bit of luck along the way.

“The FA Cup is special. I’ve been lucky enough to play non-League, the Football League and the cups, and it is just something special. Even in the First Round you get bigger crowds, a greater buzz.”

Managing Haverhill’s various competition commitments is something Greygoose has learned to cope with during his lower-league managerial career, but he was clear in expressing how important an FA Cup run can be for, not just the club, but also the area.

“The FA Cup is the one competition that can really make a club, especially for the non-League clubs,” he added.

“I was at Bury Town and Bury St Edmunds a few years ago before I retired and the last year I was there, I didn’t get to play in the First Round Proper, but we got all the way, and that just seemed to ignite the town overnight.

“The crowds doubled, there was a serious buzz about the place. And financially, The FA Cup is a good money earner for the non-League clubs.”