Ronda Rousey: ‘UFC star’ Retiring if She Loses to Holly Holm Again?

Ronda Rousey: UFC star Retiring if She Loses to Holly Holm Again?
Ronda Rousey: UFC star Retiring if She Loses to Holly Holm Again?

Three weeks after her crushing loss to Holly Holm in Australia, Ronda Rousey is finally discussing the fallout. Her perfect record dashed, Rousey now admits to being sad, embarrassed and a whole cocktail of emotions following her surprise defeat.

In an interview with ESPN Magazine, Rousey revealed that she has found the defeat difficult to take, and spent the days immediately afterwards in a secluded cabin where she ate a lot of fast food and junk, which in turn made her feel worse: “First I was so sick I couldn’t eat anything. Then I just slept and pooped in the woods. I used a whole roll of toilet paper in one day. Physically, my body was refusing its own failures. It was, like, sick of itself. Expelling itself. Like all the skin came off my face. My whole body flushed it out”.

She added that “I just feel so embarrassed. How I fought after that is such an embarrassing representation of myself. I wasn’t even f**king there”.

However, perhaps the biggest bombshell of the interview is that, while she’s sure she’ll be taking the rematch, her entire career might well hinge on that fight.

“I guess it’s all going to be determined by what happens in the rematch. Everything is going to be determined by that. Either I’ll win and keep going or I won’t and I’ll be done with everything”.

It’s clear that Rousey has found defeat hard to cope with, and she now clearly faces the biggest decision of her career to date. Legacy comes into it, but Rousey looks to be on the verge of making a very big decision that could impact both her and the UFC in a massive way.

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