Ronda Rousey breaks interviewer’s ribs with judo throw – Watch

Ronda Rousey breaks interviewer's ribs with judo throw - Watch

Ronda Rousey is the best female fighter in UFC, and she needed only 14 seconds to prove it.

After steamrolling the UFC’s women’s bantamweight division, Ronda Rousey has set her sights on the media.

OK that’s not quite true, although Rousey did give one interviewer a taste of what it’s like for her opponents.

After playfully getting challenged to a fight on MMA Prime TV, the UFC women’s bantamweight champ slammed the host to the ground with a thunderous judo toss, breaking his ribs.

You gotta hand it to the interviewer, he almost lasted as long as Cat Zingano did at UFC 184. If you didn’t catch Rousey’s dominance on the weekend, you can relive all 14 seconds of that bout in claymation form.