Ronaldo storms off after being asked about FIFA ‘Watch’

Ronaldo storms off after being asked about FIFA - Watch

Cristiano Ronaldo gets very annoyed when asked about FIFA – and storms off of interview.

Ronaldo was speaking to CNN en Español while on a sponsorship tour with Nike when he became visibly frustrated after being questioned about the Fifa scandal, which saw 14 people – including seven current members – indicted on corruption charges in May.

With president Sepp Blatter set to step down after 17 years as head of the organisation and major doubts persisting over Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup, Ronaldo was asked about the touchy subject of Fifa.

But the winger was in no mood to give his opinions on the world governing body – let alone hang around for the rest of the interview – and, after getting annoyed, left.

“I don’t care about FIFA, Qatar, I don’t give a f***,’ Ronaldo said.

“What you want me to….speak about FIFA, come on…,” before the winger took his headphones off and cut short the interview.